Knitting has always been a pathway to great pleasure.  From the age of seven knitting needles and a ball of wool have travelled where ever I have gone.  At thirteen I fortunately had a “Saturday job” in a wool shop, which has always made me think that the world of work is a pleasure.  I loved Saturdays and that I would be surrounded by so much colour.  From workshops in my late teens with Kaffe Fassett, to stitching complicated Patricia Roberts jumpers,  to watching women knit in the high altitude of Ladakh knitting has always offered me a space in which to look at colour, understand shape and form and meet many like people who just love the fact that knitting not only can keep us warm, but also make us so happy.  I am indebted to Angmo in Ladakh for allowing me to photograph her many children’s bonnets that she so carefully knitted without the aid of ever having read a knitting pattern.

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