There are a great many talented artists and below are the names of a few whose work has really inspired me, all have links to their work.  Julie Arkell is the only one who does not have a blog, website or facebook page and she does not need one.  In Japan they have a special award called “Living Human Treasure” given to those in their society who they respect and feel have contributed in a very quiet way to the fabric of life .  Julie is just this a living human treasure and I am indebted to her.

Julie Arkell

Matthew Harris

Gladus Paulus

Jessie Chorley

Mandy Pattulo

Adriana Torres

Charity Van Der Meer

Irit Dulman

Celia Pym

Claire Wellesley-Smith

Rachel Hazel

Ruth Harries

Jorie Johnson

Susie Vickery