Bath Christmas Market

Just thought I would drop you all a line and say that I am selling my wares at a table in the

Quaker House

Friends Meeting House, York St, Bath

this Saturday 3rd December and the following Saturday 10th December 2017 from 9.30am to 6pm.

It is a great venue as we are just adjacent to all the stalls for Bath’s Christmas Market, so if you are ready to brave the crowds, love to see you.

Happy Christmas and Good Health in 2017

lots of love joanna


Mary Walker Phillips

images quilt190

With knitting there is always something new to learn and in this case the knowledge of very good knitter, Mary Walker Phillips who took knitting to new spaces and places other than garments.  An American who died at 83 in 2007, it would appear that yarn bombing was nothing new when Mary was working in the 1950s.

and they all lived happily ever after. THE END

Our head teacher Mrs Cripps at Swainswick School has sadly decided to step down and as a leaving present I worked with all the children in Reception and Year 1 to make her a bag as a leaving present.  The children did beautiful drawings of the school and I pulled bits from all their work and stitched it on to the bag.  Just a token of our thanks.


Working at the Holbourne Museum

It has been a great delight to work at the Hobourne Museum in the Gardener’s Lodge for the last few weeks with a group, teaching them all how to make wet felt.  It was great to work alongside men and women who finished some beautiful pieces.   As always it is lovely to pass on the knowledge of felt making.


P1230498 P1230485P1230503P1230496

Just Making

Over a term I taught an after school group, including my son a “Just Making” session one afternoon.  We made books, which each child had to keep as a sketch book. We made papier mache creatures.  We made felt.  We stuck and cut and sewed. We made brooches.  We made more sketch books which each child had to give away each week to another and take home and make something special each week for their class mate. At the end we organised an exhibition of all the work.  It was really good to see so much variety of work and each week every child loved showing what they had done at home.

P1220854 P1220866 P1220867 P1220877 P1220887 P1220889 P1220892 P1220902 P1220910 P1220914 P1220930 P1220931 P1220933

New bag design and shape

Over the last few weeks I have been working at “making a mess” to see where it lead me. This has been a real challenge.  I wanted to make a seamless bag, be more basket than bag in shape and I have been playing with templates and have worked out a way to give more volume to the objects that I construct, I am now very excited by new possibilities.   I have also learn’t a new method using masking tape with which to leave a design imprint on to felt.  Very happily I have received a commission and have put all that I have learn’t and made the “Mary Mary basket”.  I hope she likes it.

P1230188 P1230200 P1230207 P1230212